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Box №10 (2021)

Krassimir Dobrev
Herbarium Collection - Collection - Box №10 - Krassimir Dobrev
Herbarium Collection - Collection - Box №10 - Krassimir Dobrev

Box № 10 houses several mutually exclusive artifacts from my past, herbariumed and prepared to remain forever in the closed mail space of the showcase, sent somewhere without a specific recipient. Expectations and reactions addressed to someone as a result of physical contact with the herbarium can not be a priority at the moment, because the information is selected at random.
As enigmatic as the overall picture of the chest may sound, I do not think it is appropriate, and even more unethical, to ask the eternal dumb questions that ensure the truth: "what did the artist wants to tell us with his work?" is he called from above, to ennoble people, and they to enjoy his work? "," is this art what we see now and how to understand it? "," do his messages have a connection with the masculine and feminine, which carries the power of an allusion to the cosmic? ”, etc. Such obsessive questions, provoked by tireless observers, should never be answered in order to have some life in the box!
p.s. the box number is also chosen at random

40x40x10 cm, MDF fiberboard, 5 mm cork board, wood, metal, hemp fiber, bird feather, curls, print, cotton thread, paper, black marker, adhesive binders, Plexiglas