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Leda Starcheva (2021)

Leda Starcheva
Herbarium Collection - Collection - 2021 - Leda Starcheva
Herbarium Collection - Collection - 2021 - Leda Starcheva

The space of the box is shaped as a kind of relief, composed with elements of materials that I lately like to work with. The relief is organized by layers of Styrofoam, artificial white cotton wool, white fur, thin white wrapping paper, thin colored paper, transparent plastic bags, white cosmetic pads and several thin metal castings of leaves. The tampons are soaked in essential oils.

I prefer to work with these materials because their lightness creates the feeling of ephemerality. I added the fragrances because of their volatility and inability to be stored. (2021)

20x40x10 cm, First layer - 4 rectangular sheets of Styrofoam with a thickness of 3 mm and 2 squares of white artificial wool 9x9 cm. Second layer - white fur. Third layer - thin white wrapping paper and white artificial cotton wool. Fourth layer - a transparent plastic bag, marked with the number 3, which contains 3 metal castings of leaves. Fifth layer - thin blue wrapping paper with a drawing filled with a pencil, on the hands of angels in a Renaissance fresco.

Sixth layer - 1 plastic bag marked A and B with metal castings of 2 leaves, 1 plastic bag marked with D, which contains fur, 2 plastic bags marked with C, which contain 2 cosmetic tampons, one soaked in essential oil of basil, and the other - with cinnamon essential oil.