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Boryana Petkova (Sofia, Bulgaria, 1985) multidisciplinary artist
graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia in 2011 and from ESAD Valenciennes, France in 2015.
She lives and works between Paris and Sofia.
Boryana Petkova's work often begins with drawing - as a thought, action or result. It combines different disciplines - video, photography, sculpture, performance, installation or sound - exploring their interaction with drawing.
In 2015, she received the Pierre David-Weill drawing prize from the Académie française, 2016 she was nominated for BAZA prize for contemporary art and in 2017 she was co-winner of the Contemporary Art Biennale (young creation) de Mulhouse (France) In 2019 her work was mentioned by the jury of the Fénéon Prize (France, Paris) and the same year she participated in the Finale exhibition carried out within the framework of Gaudenz Ruf contemporary art prize at the Structura gallery, Sofia. In 2020 she has a duo show in Structura gallery avec Michail Michailov, 2019  participated in the collective exhibition Formes Vivantes, curators Jean Charles Hameau and Kimberley Harthoorn at the National Andrien Dubouché Museum (France). In 2019 following her Mulhouse017 prize she did a duet show with Cédric Estruillo at the Museum of Fine Arts in Mulhouse. In 2018, she took part in the L’arbre de Darwin exhibition at FRAC Limousin (France). With this exhibition, she ends her CCE residency program (ceramics as experience) at ENSA Limoges. In 2018, she created 2 solo exhibitions - Written (not) said curator Daniela Radeva, Contemporary space, Varna and H220cm curator Irina Batkova, Plus359 gallery Sofia.
In 2016, she participated in the exhibition of artists nominated for BAZA contemporary art prize at the municipal gallery of the city of Sofia and in various group exhibitions such as Salon de dessin in situ at the Linz gallery, Paris, A3 at the gallery Juneval Belgium or 3 days in Paris, artistic event at the Martine et Thibault gallery in la Châtre Paris.

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