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Milena Kaneva

Director / Camerawoman / Producer

Milena Kaneva started her career as an actress in Bulgaria. Later, when she moved to Italy, she worked as a journalist, and producer of news and documentaries. She is also the Founder and Artistic Director of the following film festivals: DANUBEFILM, MIGRANT Film Festival and recently the film festival “Mestiere Cinema”. She founded MK Production in 1999, producing and directing documentaries, such as the film "Total Denial" which was internationally acclaimed and   was awarded the "Vaclav Havel Human Rights Award" in addition to many other prestigious awards. She has produced news reports and documentaries on the topic of human rights in countries such as Brazil, Rwanda, Burma and Ecuador. As a journalist and producer for WTN (Worldwide Television News), and later APTN,  she has produced numerous art reports on the topic of the Venice Biennale and the film festivals of Cannes, Venice and Berlin. 
Her standing joke is that she lives where she puts down her suitcase.