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Irina Batkova

Founder / Curator

Irina Batkova is a poet, writer and independent curator living and working in Sofia. She is the founder and curator of Art Project Depot association, a platform for contemporary art and culture.Her research areas are varied, but focus on the crossover between contemporary art and architecture, design, performance, video, and new media practices. She has curated a wide range of exhibitions, at venues including : Vienna Künstlerhaus ; Basilica Cistern, Istanbul; The State Museum of Oriental Art, Moscow; The Ancient Baths Center for Contemporary Art, Plovdiv; Port Warehouse No. 5, Varna; Akbank Sanat, Istanbul ;Sofia Arsenal – Museum of Contemporary Art.
Irina Batkova is the curator of the Bulgarian Pavilion for the 59th International Exhibition, La Biennale di Venezia 2022.
She has contributed to several exhibition catalogues, as well as a variety of international art publications.